About Me

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I created 'Hi Hunny' to give the local folks another option over the big box stores. I love shopping local and seeing all of the talent that comes from the community. My little shop is located in Okotoks, Alberta, where I now call my home.

I have been sewing for well over 25 years, and I'm not too sure why I didn't do this earlier! Well, maybe I do know.. my sweet "Hunny"-Parker came into our lives in 2015 (wow!) and he keeps me inspired! I love making clothes for him and his siblings, just as my Mumma did for us when we were young.

When I told my sister that I was starting this business, she said to me "you know when you know something before someone else does? Well I knew a long time ago that you'd start this business soon." I loved that, it was just what I needed to know that I was in the right place. 

I am a very creative soul and feel unfulfilled if I'm not doing something to utilize my skills. Someone once told me "if you stop using the talents God gave you, He'll take them away" and that stuck with me. I come from a very creative family and I love each of our unique talents. 

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Happy shopping (or snooping)